Things that influenced me as a developer in 2014

If you want to have a plant and are worried about caring for it in the daily hustle and bustle then check out succulent care. As the year winds to a close its time for all of us to reflect on what happened. This year I spent allot of time learning-from / being-inspired-by other developers on the internet. Here is a list of the things that had the biggest impact to me over this year. Full Disclosure… mostly this is […]

Building a Ubuntu development system for 2015

Well that time has come, the time to upgrade my personal computer. There was a time ‘back in the day’ I used to build my own computers on a fairly regular basis. However it has been awhile since I did a full up rebuild of a system. So I decided to document the process this […]

Writing solid code in javascript


I have been writing Backbone.Marionette code off-and-on for several months now, and despite Derick’s .NET past I have become a huge fan of his. I am a subscriber of his watchmecode learning javascript screencast service and I would highly recommend this servce to anyone who is more of a ‘pair-programming’ or ‘learn by doing’ sort of […]

Aw Snap! He’s Dead Jim!


Awhile back I joined some JavaScript groups on google+, and the other day I stumbled across this talk by Addy Osmani JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass Well I have been a fanboy of Addy since I read the Developing Backbone.js Applications book. However I must say… Ohh I feel all giddy inside thinking about the prospect of […]

Pulling a RabbitMQ out of a ditch

Ok so its a fairly common occurrence for me to end up with my RabbitMQ broker pretty upset. In this entry I am going to cover the high-points of configuring RabbitMQ, as well as the thump  peter cotton-tail on the head and make him work again. I run allot of different linux stacks older and […]

apache update gotcha’s

My Apache environment is pretty heterogeneous. I run Apache in CentOS, and Ubuntu, and several released versions of those linux distros. Oh yea, and also on the Unix based Mac OS X. On a few machines I hand build the Apache stack, and package it up as an rpm. As a result I deal with […]

Git push remote is upset

Well while working merrily away on my project I ran into a snafu while trying to push my get repo to a remote. I am sure this had something to do with updating me updating to Saucy which I am sure updated my git version. Here is the message I encountered. $ git push warning: […]

Fixing a broken virtualenv after a python update


So I just updated my Ubuntu box from Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.10 and this left all of my python virtualenv’s unusable. The first indication that something was wrong was that ipython would not work. However digging into the problem all python modules in the virtual env did not work correctly. This guide documents the steps […]

Pruning wordpress revisions with the mysql command line

Ok, so you have updated your posts from all of your devices and now you have over 50 revisions of the page. You are never going to look at those revisions because you are the only editor on the site. Here is how you prune those unnecessary rows. Create a pagodabox tunnel First you need […]

Backing up wordpress data

Ok, so this falls into the category of ‘blogging-about-blogging‘. However I plan on doing this once a month and I don’t want to think about it too much. Backing up a wordpress dbms from a pagodabox site. create pagodabox tunnel get pagodabox dbms username call mysqldump command   Create a pagodabox tunnel First you need to […]