Whats popular on the web for #technology?

Today, I got sent an email about this guy ‘Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’ or ‘ PewDiePie ‘. Turns out his youtube channel has over 25 million subscribers . I asked my teenager’s if they knew who he was and they did, of course they did… our house is wired for the internet. Actually, after seeing who he was and sampling a bit of his content I realized that I had seen him on my computer in the past as I got drawn into my office as my son was in an all out belly laugh. Yea, and so what..? why do I care about that? I agree, I am way past my internet-gaming days. Why..? well here is 7 million reasons why.

This got me to thinking about a lot of things but one of the threads that kept running through my mind was:

What is popular on youtube , and why?

I did a bit of research of what is really gathering hits on youtube. I was quickly disinterested in most of the top content. Probably something to do with me being in a protected-class. I did find this guy ‘Peter Oakley: The internet grandad’ or ‘ geriatric1927 ‘ to be quite refreshing.

Another thread started running through my mind.

What is popular on the web for ‘ hashtag technology ‘?

In the end, I ended up where I always do, hunting down technology and I stumbled upon this 10 Technology YouTube Channels You Can’t Miss

Of these I really like these two: Google Talks and Life Hacker

Grabbing a quick bite to eat I fired up our PS3, which I stream content from. I fired up youtube and searched for the Google Talks on the PS3 google app. This app always has interesting ‘very different search results’: I ended up stumbling across this ‘old-ish’ talk by Joel Spolsky titled  ‘ Learning from StackOverflow.com (2009)

Among other things, I learned that Jeff Attwood ‘s and ‘ Joel Spolsky ‘ had super popular technology blogs. Around 1 million page views a month. ( at the time )  These numbers were used to ‘fill-the-pipe’ with users when the StackOverflow site launched in-beta. Which was fairly important because the nature of the site required people to provide answers out of the gate. Aside: I did not know about Joel’s page so I looking forward to reading some of those entries in-spite of Wasabi (2006). Jeff apologizes for this a bit in the podcast episode #3 .

So in the end, I wrote this entry so I could create these links. I am currently listening to Jeff and Joel’s podcast from way back in 2008 and it’s great!

I now consider myself to be a bit wiser about what is popular on the web for hash-tag technology.

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