Writing solid code in javascript

I have been writing Backbone.Marionette code off-and-on for several months now, and despite Derick’s .NET past I have become a huge fan of his . I am a subscriber of his watchmecode learning javascript screencast service and I would highly recommend this servce to anyone who is more of a ‘pair-programming’ or ‘learn by doing’ sort of learner.

The other day I watched his SOLID Javascript in a Wobbly World Wide Web , and it was excellent. This talk’s subject matter ‘SOLID Design Principles’ has been given by Derick several times over the the years. He used to give this talk with examples in C# code.. before he went on to learn Rails and Backbone and write Marionette and now he is giving the talk with all of the examples in JavaScript… Awesome!

Marionette Reference:

Derick and SOLID Reference: This is not his first rodeo

SOLID Reference: