Aw Snap! He’s Dead Jim!

Awhile back I joined some JavaScript groups on google+, and the other day I stumbled across this talk by Addy Osmani JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass

Well I have been a fanboy of Addy since I read the book. However I must say… Ohh I feel all giddy inside thinking about the prospect of this talk… am I ready, to be a master? I started watching this late one Friday evening as I drifted off to a peaceful sleep, dreaming about having the best performing client side apps in the world. I expect to come back to this a few times over the next several months as I have my own Ohh Snap! and He’s dead, Jim! moments.

aw_snap dead_jim

So I figured I would hammer out a quick blog entry as a sort-of first-class bookmark to this little gem. Here is the video of the talk: and the slides JavaScript Memory Management Masterclass .

My quick notes:

  • Pristine Chrome Env… remove all your plugins when memory leak testing
    • This is extremely obvious… but I almost never do it… do you?
  • Use the trashcan in the Memory Timeline… it forces GC.
  • Think twice before using delete in your code, you might be making things worse
  • Sawtooth Curve…?? expect memory leak.