Things that influenced me as a developer in 2014

As the year winds to a close its time for all of us to reflect on what happened. This year I spent allot of time learning-from / being-inspired-by other developers on the internet. Here is a list of the things that had the biggest impact to me over this year. Full Disclosure… mostly this is related to building front-end and back-end web based products, ‘is there anything else?’ I also want to point out that not all of these things originated in 2014, I just happened to find them this year. However, most of the reference here did occur in 2014 and the rest is still very relevant. The references cover JavaScript / Python / Stackoverflow / Instagram / education / virtual machines / Messaging Patterns / django / PostgreSQL / Apache if these topics don’t interest you then there is not much here for you.

secretly I will listen to these most of these again… and again… searching for trade secrets and inspiration.

stackoverflow podcast [ podcast transcriptions ]
This is now a bit old. Podcast #1 is circa 2008. However it is surprisingly still really relevant. I am 60+ hours in now and thoroughly enjoying the media. I have become a big fan of Jeff Attwood and Joel Spolsky even tho I am not a Microsoft fan. This podcast is so rich with information and even tho it is not an ‘interviewing’ based podcast. They have lots of interesting interviews with pertinent individuals throughout the industry. If you want to build something interesting, and large on the internet you will be very interested in this podcast.

JavaScript Jabber podcast: ‘ The Origin of Javascript with Brendan Eich
This year I made a commitment to be an excellent JavaScript programmer, I probably fell a bit short of that goal. However this interview with Brendan Eich [ the creator of JavaScript ] is very insightful and full of inspiration.

Writing solid code in javascript

I’m huge Derick fan, I am currently reading his Building Backbone plugins book.

My shameless plug of I spend my $15 dollars a month and am a better javascript programmer because of it. Actually I would go so far as saying I am a better developer because of it. Way to go Derick.

Aw Snap! He’s Dead Jim!

Im a big fan of Addy Osmani, I read his Developing Backbone.js Applications and I am currently reading his Learning JavaScript Design Patterns and they are awesome.

As the father of 3 teenagers this is truly intriguing to me

Scott Hanselman, “Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler” – Fluent 2014 Keynote

Conversation with Sal Khan

Mighty Messaging Patterns

The Mighty Messaging Patterns talk by @sintaxi

django and postgres and transactions oh-my

Connect to postgreSQL with pgAdmin3

Making Apache Suck less for hosting Python web applications

I wrote a blog entry on these techniques entitled Stop making Apache Suck!

Learning from StackOverflow ( 2009 )
This is a talk by Joel Spolsky on how StackOverflow is built, which is ironic since Jeff Attwood n friends built it. Again I am late to the party, but better to party late than not at all.

  • Messaging at Scale at Instagram
    I think I actually found this in 2013, however I wrote a long blog post about it in 2014 The web request is a scary place So I wanted to include it. I have watched this many times and I must say that the more knowledgeable I become with the infrastructure the more this talk gives.