Running Saucy for a day


Ok so going along my merry-developer-way when I needed to run a perl program pgBadger to do some post processing of PostgreSQL logs. In the process of trying to download this and run it I realized ‘once again’ that the version of Ubuntu I was running Quantal Quetzal 12.10 had be end-of-lifed in May 2014. […]

django and postgres and transactions oh-my


Ok, so I’m having this issue where my django transactions are not working correctly. Its time to decouple the big-mammoth app and take this down to its simplest form. So lets dismantle this thing and figure out what is going on. For reference I am going to use the models out of the django 1.5 […]

Connect to PostgreSQL with pgAdmin3


This guide will show you how to configure postgres for external connections. Since its good practice to have your dbms on a seperate machine. This guide will help you configure your remote dbms server to be connected to from an external reasource. You need to do 3 things to make ensure that this works: enable […]

You have the airplane

I was working remotely on a server the other day, and we were modifying data in the dbms. This was the whole ‘all hands on deck’ situation where data issues needed to be ferreted out and solved quickly. I was finding and modifying data through the command line and a buddy of mine was modifying […]

Whats popular on the web for #technology?


Today, I got sent an email about this guy ‘Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’ or ‘PewDiePie‘. Turns out his youtube channel has over 25 million subscribers. I asked my teenager’s if they knew who he was and they did, of course they did… our house is wired for the internet. Actually, after seeing who he was […]

Zurb Fondation in wordpress

The other day I watched this talk Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with ZURBs Foundation 4 Framework and it was good. This talk it made me think about a few things. Approximately 50% of your audience is going to be coming from the mobile platform… what is your plan for that? I have used twitter […]

Changing the host name in a WordPress app


This entry is going to cover how to change your hostname entries in a WordPress app. A small bit of this entry will be pagodabox specific, but I will point that out along the way. Also I should point out that this defiantly falls into the category of ‘blogging-about-blogging‘ and I almost did not write […]

Stop making Apache Suck!


Hello, my name is Jeff and I miss-configure Apache and mod_wsgi. Hello Jeff Ok, so I am embarrassed to say that I had miss-configured Apache for far too long. On far-too many servers. Eventually leaving me with egg on my face. I learned from ‘Making Apache suck less for hosting python web applications‘ by Graham […]

Various SVN Notes

At my current day-gig we are fully committed to subversion. I am a pretty heavy command-line user of the revision control system. There are a handful of things that I forget how to do on a fairly consistent basis. So without further ado here are some notes Viewvc link directly to a line number I […]

Building Nginx ‘Engine X’ from source

Alright it’s time, I need to put nginx in font of Apache to load balance. First step is to pull and build the source code.   Now all you need to do is configure and start nginx.