Various SVN Notes

At my current day-gig we are fully committed to subversion. I am a pretty heavy command-line user of the revision control system. There are a handful of things that I forget how to do on a fairly consistent basis. So without further ado here are some notes Viewvc link directly to a line number I […]

Building Nginx ‘Engine X’ from source

Alright it’s time, I need to put nginx in font of Apache to load balance. First step is to pull and build the source code.   Now all you need to do is configure and start nginx.  

The web request is a scary place

Matt Pyro circa 2004

Sometime in the middle of 2013 I was working on a project that began having  server cpu spiking issues. After several failed attempts to decipher what was going on I began pulling my hair out, its been falling out every since. In the process of looking for reasons that might have caused this issue… finally… I […]

Im Back


I have now spent years without an internet presence. I have struggled with coming back many times, facebook and other forms of social media made publishing so easy and care-free. But now… Im baa….ack I have built many websites and the fun had worn off and it turned into work. Actually, you can see some […]